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Good Quality Pvc Stairs Handrail – Home Decor Modern Style Plastic Composite Stair Railings PVC Stair Banister – Marlene

PVC Stair Handrails Pure Color without Printing

PVC Handrails—The characteristics of pvc staircase handrails

1. Environmental protection: using high polymer PVC material, non-toxic, non-polluting, flame-retardant, no open flame.

2. Durable: no cracking, no change in shape, no insects, no moisture, especially suitable for coastal areas with humid air.

3. Beautiful: a wide variety of colors to choose from. Commonly used are imitation walnut, imitation peach, imitation pine, imitation red beech, imitation marble, etc., with bright color, noble and elegant.

4. Economy: Customized in any size to reduce the loss caused by dull materials.

5. Complete variety: hollow handrails, economical. Bright handrails, light can shine on people. Solid handrails will not break for a hundred years. ·

Product PVC Stair Handrails
Material PVC-U  
Size Variety
Thickness Variety
Weight Variety
Color White,Yellow,Grey....customized.
Application Stair Building
Installation Glue, Fixings
Origin China 

Compared with traditional wood, the advantages of PVC stair railing are as follows:

1. Great contribution to environmental protection, replacing wood to protect the ecological environment, avoiding air pollution without paint, and recycling after scrap;

2. One-time molding has a long service life, saves maintenance costs, fast installation, and reduces labor costs;

3. During the construction, it can be heated and bent according to the design needs. The on-site processing is the same as the wood processing method, which can be nailed, riveted, sawed, cut, glued, and connected;

4. Light weight, toughness, high hardness, strong nail holding power; 5. Moisture-proof, insect-proof, corrosion-resistant, non-combustible, non-cracking, and never deformed;

6. Soft and smooth, easy to wipe, no wood thorns, no static electricity, strong and durable;

7. The color is clear and beautiful, the wood grain is natural, with white, log, cherry, oak, teak, rosewood, sapele, red cherry, mahogany, gorgeous red, walnut, rosewood, black and many other colors;

8. Can fix the color and length processing; 9. Compared with natural solid wood stair handrails, its price is much lower and has a very high cost performance;

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